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What.. is your name?

Hi!  I’m Drew Alden, or in some circles ReanimationXP.  You’ve stumbled across my personal site, home to thoughts of mine, rants, tech tips I think others find useful, a showcase for projects I’m working on, and more. Opinions are entirely my own.

What.. is your quest?

From the age of 5 and probably younger, I’ve been a deep lover of computers, electronics, and their related media – be it music, games, simulation, animation, GUIs, any great user experience in general. I have a passion for making sure things are done the right way – simple, intuitive, complete, polished. I want anything I can leave an impact on to exist in the best state it possibly can. , and love when I can be a part of making that happen.  I do admittedly carry this torch to a fault (hence the occasional nitpick or rant).

This way of thinking led me down the rather obvious path of development and later generated a want to unlock and customize even locked-down systems, something I found a lot of fun in learning everything about. Over the years I hacked devices like my PS2, Xbox, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 consoles, later landing in the iPhone jailbreaking community and discovering they had mutual friends. To this day I take pride in learning how to make my devices truly mine. About 5 years ago mostly by chance, I was asked to take a Security Analyst position for a government contractor. I quickly realized although that was my first professional foray into security, I’d been into dancing around the edges for years and knew a lot more than I anticipated. I outgrew the position, found an amazingly brilliant and like-minded team at Bechtel, and here I am.

What.. is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European?  Thanks for visiting my site. All contributions, input, and feedback are welcome, unless of course you’re a big jerk. Even then I’ll might listen. If you’d like to let me know what you think on anything I write about, feel free to comment reach out to me.

My contact information and resume are available at http://www.rxp.me.

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